About Us

Welcome to The Froth Shop!

To be frank (or Sid…our products are better than our jokes, we promise!), we love retail (we really do!) and everything about it! The vendors, the consumers, the products, the marketing, we love everything the retail sector has to offer.

At The Froth Shop, we are a group of energetic retail specialists with a flare for developing new concepts and products to meet the requirements of the UK retail market. We’ve been operating in the retail and wholesale market for over 15 years and we are committed to ensuing that we supply all types of businesses, whether that be small independent units, small chains or large national retailers, with the very best products backed by innovative marketing and branding. We’re confident that by choosing to become a Froth Shop member, we can have a positive impact on your bottom line in a short space of time.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative products aimed at the coffee shop market, that means we cover beans, machines and everything in between. We work with manufacturers directly and have our own in-house marketing and design team who will work alongside you to support the growth of your business.

Our website is brand new so we’d love to hear any feedback you might have! Contact us today at info@thefrothshop.com

We have been operating in the coffee shop industry for over 15 years and we’re proud to call ourselves Retail Innovators.

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